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First of all: we listen to you. It’s our first meeting point, the fundamental one to translate your decisions in a deed which perfectly reflects them, in addition to abide the law. Inheritances, transactions, company or family law: together with my team, I help you find the right answers to your questions.
Thanks to ten collaborators ready to help you, our expertise in every notarial and legal matters, and the ability to dialogate also in English, French and German, the firm fulfil my own conception of the notarial profession.
For me, being a notary means giving you support and advice: that is, make simple what might seem you complicated.

Antonio Privitera notaio - Milano

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Antonio Privitera notaio - Milano
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Antonio Privitera notaio - Milano
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Antonio Privitera notaio - Milano

* A new conception of a notarial firm

Our technologial structure was designed to reduce the impact on the environment, and the usage of paper and ink, at the same time reducing the costs at the expense of our clients. But that’s just the begnning of our path.
We picture a completely different conception of a notarial firm. We are working on building it starting from sustainability and responsibilit, two key principles that we use in everything we do – and in how we do it. In the way we dialogate with the public and in our idea of the social role of a notary.

Antonio Privitera notaio - Milano

What does the notary do

We give support and advice to parties in juridical contracts and deeds, and we guarantee for their legal validity. This is in short the reason why the notary is included in the civil jurisdiction. Even more. When you turn to a notary, your wills are being put in the hands of an interpreter of the law, who has the duty of translate them into a legal document. In addition to the technicalities, here are of fundamental importance the mutual trust and the listening skills. That is why it is vital to confront and understand what are your goals: so that we could choose the best way to translate them into a legal deed which respects in the same way your will and the law.

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Antonio Privitera notaio - Milano

* A brief profile

Born in Milan in 1966, I graduated from the Università degli Studi in 1992. During 1992 I also attend the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Thanks to the German experience, I became a member of the Vereinigung für den Gedankenaustausch zwischen deutschen und italienischen Juristen e. V., an association that allows me to dispose of a network of legal professionals across the German territory.
Since 1996 I have been practicing as a lawyer in the Court of Milan.
I have registered to the role of notary in the joined districts of Milan, Busto Arsizio, Lodi and Monza since 2005. From the same year I havebeen practicing the notarial profession in two firms, in Milan and Pieve Emanuele.
I am a member of the association “Il trust in Italia” and professional mediator in civil and commercial disputes.
In 2013 I opened my new firm in Milan, in Corso di Porta Vittoria.
If you want to come visit me on Linkedin, this is my profile.

Antonio Privitera notaio - Milano



Testament is a common word. It appears often in fictional narrative, and we also use it in figurative expression. That is why we all know what it refers to: a testament is the document by which a person decide to whom allocate his/her assets after death.
Actually, in the legal practice the matter of succession is much more complex than one might think, and can not be translated into a simple annotation of the will of the “testator”.

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Company law

Constitution, transfer of equity, transformations, mergers, spin-offs: the notary is present in all the most important stages in the life of a company, as also provided by our legal system. We should verify the compliance with the rules and give publicity to the acts with their registration in the commercial register.
But our advice begins long before the act of constitution of a new company. That is the moment when we can help you choose the best formula for your business project.

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Real estate

For the buying and selling of a property a written contract would be enough. It is required by Article 1350 of the Civil Code: so why is it necessary the advice of a notary?
Once again, for the guarantee functions inherent to our role. And in the case of a property transfer there are many.

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Family law

The law deals with many aspects of the family life. Not only patrimonial aspects, but also the relationships: for example, the rights and duties of a married couple, of the couple towards their children, or the relations between relatives.
We help you take on commitments which respects both the law, and the human aspects of your family life.

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If you came to Milan by car, you could leave it in the parking area of via Fontana, 18, just one step away from the firm. We will take care of the parking and congestion charge.

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