Notaio Antonio Privitera - Milano
Notaio Antonio Privitera - Milano

What does the notary do

We give support and advice to parties in juridical contracts and deeds, and we guarantee for their legal validity. This is in short the reason why the notary is included in the civil jurisdiction.
For the Italian law, the notary has also the role of a legal functionary with the function of “certifying the trustworthy”. It means that our deeds are the legal evidence of the origin of the document, of the parties’ declarations written in the deed, of acts or facts happened in our presence – or of acts we ourselves did.
The notary is also a depository of deeds and agreements that he had received or authenticated. We put them inside public registers, such as the land register or the registy of businesses: in this way we guarantee the certainty of all information registered in the public system. The importance of this function is clear especially when there are formal obligations – for example, when the law requires to enclose documents or statements, the lack of which may cause economic sanctions and, in certain circumstances, the invalidity of the act.
The notary has therefore a double guarantee function: he proves to the community that the deed is in compliance to the law, while at the same time he assures to the parties its formal accuracy.
Even more. When you turn to a notary, your wills are being put in the hands of an interpreter of the law, who has the duty of translate them into a legal document. In addition to the technicalities, here are of fundamental importance the mutual trust and the listening skills.
That is why it is vital to confront and understand what are your goals: so that we could choose the best way to translate them into a legal deed which respects in the same way your will and the law. And it is our duty to explain you clearly and in every part the document, assisting the parties in an impartial manner.

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