Notaio Antonio Privitera - Milano
Notaio Antonio Privitera - Milano

Family law

The law deals with many aspects of the family life. Not only patrimonial aspects, but also the relationships: for example, the rights and duties of a married couple, of the couple towards their children, or the relations between relatives.
For patrimonial aspects, the law first notices the regime chosen by the family, which can be the community of property, or the division of property. In the first case the couple shares some goods, which become common heritage to both spouses, while in the second case the two spouses retain ownership of their respective assets.
However, the patrimonial aspects are not limited to the regime chosen. They also concern the maintenance obligations between relatives, the administration of the estates of minors or of people incapacitated to do so theirselves, the business activities conducted by a married couple, and much more.
In this context, the role of the notary is often valuable. With our knowledge of the subject and our field experience we help you choose for the best.
We help you take on commitments which respects both the law, and the human aspects of your family life.

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